By today’s definition, a  home theater can be  as simple as a sound bar designed to  bolster the audio from the television  to a dedicated room  complete with screen and projection;  front, side and back surround speakers; subwoofers; and a video / audio server.    Whatever your pleasure, at Dawson Security and Home Automation, we have established relationships with top vendors in the audio/ video industry  and the expertise to provide you with years of enjoyment.  

SOUND BARS – As the televisions get larger, the built-in speakers seem to get smaller giving the homeowner all the more reason to supplement television sound in some way.   Sound Bars, with the left, center and right speakers built in have become very popular.   Sound bars can be attached below the television or directly on the television allowing the viewer to have more mounting options.  

PROJECTORS:   We install award-winning home theater projectors  crafted by companies who are leaders in the custom home theater  field.   We strive to provide theater solutions for every room and price point.    And don’t forget outdoor living -  how fun would movie night be under the stars or tail gating on the deck while watching your favorite football team.   Inflatable screens and portable projectors turn this dream into a reality!!!

SPEAKER SYSTEMS:  At Dawson , we strive to install speaker systems that are best in class !  Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) speakers are our speaker of choice for both free standing and built-ins.  You may be familiar with the Abby Road recording studio in England where many famous bands, most notably The Beatles, produced many hit songs.  B&W speakers outfitted that studio.   Can’t get wires where you want sound ???   Try our Sonos sound systems -  leaders in wireless technology.  

Make an appointment to visit our professional showroom complete with lighting control, security, high-end projection and screen, and 7.2 surround sound.  It’s an experience you will want to share !