Whole House Music

"See nothing, hear everything" pretty much describes our whole house audio systems.  Sleek, flush mounted in-ceiling or in-wall speakers blend seamlessly with their environment as the speaker covers can be painted, stained or even wood-grained.  But, with the touch of a button or by using your Ipad or other mobile device, you can bring your home to life as favorite tunes smoothly fill a room.  Or, entertain effortlessly as music creates the perfect ambiance throughout your entire home for that special occasion.

Contact us and we will work with you to customize a solution that not only fits your budget, but will make your home a place where your family will gather and friends will celebrate.  We offer  a wide range of products and installations serving Northeast Ohio’s residential and commercial needs.  Our goal is to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations!

Lighting Systems

It’s morning and the lights gradually brighten as you enter the bathroom.  When you leave for work, you press one button on your way out and all the lights in the house fade off.  Later, as you arrive home again, it’s nice to know that you never have to enter a dark house, as your home comes to life while driving up the drive.  These are just a few of the lighting scenes you can create with a whole house lighting system.  Send a lasting impression of style and elegance to everyone that enters your home.  Smart looking keypads replace the older style toggle light switches.  Plus a single keypad can replace a row of unsightly switches allowing the beauty of the room to shine through.