About Us


Dawson Security & Home Automation, LLC was started in 2000 to match the growing demand for home technology. Our company began using a four prong approach to business.  Home security systems, both hard-wired and wireless, along with surveillance systems, were our back bone. Whole house audio and surround sound made up our second prong. Lighting systems were our third prong, and the most sophisticated technology system for homes, Home Automation, was the fourth prong.  Over time, we introduced custom Home Theaters along with Surround Sound to complete our offerings.  We pride ourselves in bringing professional, state-of-the art solutions to our residential and commercial customers.   Our extensive electrical experience combined with our computer technology background allows us to deliver a product that is both bleeding edge and user friendly, giving you years of satisfaction, enjoyment and peace of mind.

Your home is one-of-a-kind, and you’ve designed it to be a reflection of your sense of style.  We offer you the capability of transforming your living environment into your personal paradise.   Call today to schedule a visit to our professional showroom and let us show you the latest technologies that will truly bring your home to life!